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Bronxville's Oldest Martial Arts School

About Us

The Martial Arts Center in Bronxville first opened to the public in February of 1989. Founded by a group of martial artists the Center immediately began offering numerous classes in diverse martial arts. Started as a local cooperative, several of the instructors have come to be friends as well as business partners.

During the years that followed, many different events have been held at the Martial Arts Center. We have offered a diverse number of FREE classes to many different groups, including annual Asian culture events, self defense classes, demonstrations and open houses.

In addition, our center has hosted workshops, seminars and even private events by notable martial artists from all over the globe.

Instructors at the Center have participated in training events throughout Japan, China, Singapore, Europe, Canada as well as at home in the United States.

Students in Tai Chi and Karate often participate and win placment in tournaments throughout the Tristate Area and the East Coast.

If you are considering joining a local martial arts school, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you our training and school. We hope that you will consider becoming the NEXT member of our little family.

In April 2010, we moved to our new location which has helped us to keep tuition costs affordable while continuing to offer high quality instruction.

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