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Bronxville's Oldest Martial Arts School

Bujinkan Dojo (Ninjutsu)

Training uses natural motion, timing and control of distance to overcome an opponent's speed and strength. Emphasis is placed on awareness and effeciency of movement. Weapons training is incorporated in class to better understand these lessons. All training is for personal development and self protection; we do not participate in sport competition. Our senior instructors have an least 25 years of martial arts training and our assistant instructors have at about 10 years experience.

Sanchin Dojo (Karate)

At the Sanchin Dojo we strive to help every student achieve their personal best in the Martial Arts and in life. The Sanchin Dojo teaches students traditional Karate as well as Jujitsu techniques. All of our instructors have many years of experience in martial arts and teaching.

Tai Chi School of Westchester (Tai Chi)

Benefit from the unique synthesis of an extensive background in Tai Chi (since 1965) and training in Physical Therapy that I use to clearly and accurately provide the best of eastern and western traditional healing methods. Learn Tai Chi in as safe and comfortable an environment as possible and make your Tai Chi experience an enjoyable one.

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